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The porn industry may accept afflicted a lot in the agenda age, but some things still alive up to the stereotype. Like, say, this abode in the San Fernando Valley, which is the nation’s basal of developed blur production. From the outside, it doesn’t attending all that altered from the added million-dollar backdrop in this Los Angeles suburb.

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Inside, it’s aloof addition day at the office—if your business happens to be authoritative developed films. At the moment, the beautiful naked woman on the four-poster bed in advanced of me is—and really, there’s no added affable way to say this, so buck with me—inserting a cord of billowing chaplet into herself, while a naked guy stands abutting to the bed, a anhydrate blind from his arrect penis.

But August Ames and Tommy Gunn, as admirers ability apperceive them, aren’t actuality artlessly to accept sex on camera. If that were the case, afresh the VR camera rig in advanced of Gunn’s face wouldn’t be banishment him to angular aback so far at the waist that he retires to a daybed in the bend to amplitude amid takes. (“My hip flexors are killing me,” he growls during one lull.)

Author Peter Rubin (@provenself) is platforms editor at WIRED and the columnist of Future Presence: How Basal Absoluteness Is Alteration Animal Connection, Intimacy, and the Limits of Ordinary Life, from which this commodity is excerpted.


If Ames and Gunn were authoritative accepted porn, afresh she ability not be accepting so abutting to the camera lenses, cooing into them as admitting they were a lover’s ears. If they were aloof authoritative your accepted wham-bam-thank-you-surgically-enhanced-ma’am porn, with three Xs but abandoned two awful dimensions, afresh the CEO of the aggregation bankrolling this shoot ability not be sitting downstairs, accepting aureate actuality from Barcelona aloof to be around. And there absolutely wouldn’t be a “clinical sexologist” administering the shoot, authoritative abiding that the activity unfolds in accordance with best ameliorative value.

In Basal Sexology, Ames uses the ability of presence—the activity that you’re central the movie—to actualize a faculty of rapport.


But this is VR porn—in which acquaintance is the watchword, eye acquaintance is everything, and studios are analysis exploited abeyant the brand of which hasn’t been apparent aback the internet came forth and about cratered the accomplished abuse industry.

Welcome to brilliant Encino. Please don’t footfall on the Ben Wa balls.

Todd Glider never meant to get into porn. Aback in the mid-1990s, he was the active apotheosis of the mid-1990s: a 20-something with an MFA (“pipe, tweed jacket, all that,” he says), active in San Francisco, authoritative zines. Afresh his adherent got a job in Los Angeles, so he started attractive for application in Southern California. One of the listings he saw asked for an “HTML programmer.” He got the account and the job, but “HTML programming” angry out to be “writing amative archetype for an online developed company.”

The job, Glider found, ill-fitted him fine—as did the developed industry as a whole. He became the artistic administrator at that aboriginal company, afresh confused beyond to assignment in Europe. In 2010 he became CEO of a ample “digital ball company,” which now serves as an awning over several abate developed brands. One of those brands is BaDoinkVR, the collapsed creating the arena that’s actuality attack admiral today.

In VR productions, the cameras are positioned absolute abutting to the performers.


BaDoink—and by all means, booty a moment to adore that august name—released its aboriginal VR porn arena in the summer of 2015; the aggregation was assisting aural a year. It’s gone from 10 advisers to added than 90, a workforce that is “overwhelmingly coders,” Glider says, sitting in the active allowance of the Encino house. He’s sturdily built, with a baldheaded arch and a affable mien, and is dressed like he’s branch onstage to allocution to a army of tech developers: aphotic gray button-down, atramentous pants, Apple Watch. That’s not unintentional. The way Glider sees it, VR has the abeyant not aloof to accomplish porn assisting again, but to accomplish the tech apple account the developed blur industry. “This is the aboriginal time I feel like we’re arch in any way,” he says. “Silicon Valley larboard us in the dust, but now developed is accustomed the torch.”

Historically, the admiration to see naked bodies accomplishing naked bodies things has apprenticed the boundless acceptance of contrarily alcove customer technology. VCRs, CD-ROMs, and alike alive video owe abundant of their early, uh, bazaar assimilation to the actuality that they fabricated watching porn added acceptable and added private.

But technology giveth, and technology taketh away. The above alive video compression that angry YouTube into a juggernaut additionally beggared the developed industry of a huge block of revenue. Consumers who already bought or busy DVDs could now aloof go to alleged tube sites area they could watch high-def porn—usually pirated—to their hearts’ (or added anatomy parts’) content.

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For years, developed blur studios did what they could to activity the tide, jumping on whatever technology ability advice them accomplish some money again: 3-D TVs, ultra high-def resolution. Annihilation worked, because annihilation fabricated porn assume fundamentally different. At the end of the day, consumers were watching added bodies accept sex. Annihilation would change that.

Nothing, that is, but the transformative ability of activity like you’re absolutely central the movie—a awareness accepted in VR circles as presence.

Meet Scott (not his absolute name). Scott is in his mid-50s, affiliated to his academy sweetheart. Lives in the Pacific Northwest, works for a software company. Scott had never paid for online porn in his life. Wasn’t what you’d alarm a connoisseur. Didn’t apperceive any stars, wasn’t accustomed with its assorted genres. (Yes, there are genres. Please don’t act surprised.) He’d watch some porn if he was on a business cruise or if his wife was gone for the day and he was bored. But afresh Scott got a adaptable VR bend for Christmas. He messed about with the preloaded amateur and experiences—hung out central Cirque du Soleil, did some amplitude exploration—and started attractive about for things to do. The aboriginal stop was YouTube to chase for VR bold demonstrations.

A funny affair about YouTube’s advocacy algorithm: Turns out that if you go attractive for VR actuality on YouTube, afresh the armpit will alpha suggesting added videos it thinks you’ll enjoy. Eventually, you’ll acceptable appear beyond a “reaction video,” as it’s called, in which bodies watch VR porn for the aboriginal time. It’s a breach screen: On one ancillary you see an appropriately blurred arena of what the user is seeing in their headset, and on the added you see the headset-wearing viewer, their announcement acceptable about amid abashed and amused. “Interesting,” Scott thought. “Maybe I should analysis that out.” So he went attractive for that and anon begin a chargeless feature sample from a collapsed alleged VirtualRealPorn. (It’s no BaDoink, but what it lacks in adroitness it makes up for in clarity.) Downloaded it to his phone, popped that in his headset. This wasn’t meant to be an amative adventure of self-discovery; Scott’s clothes backward on, and he didn’t alike blow himself.

The video in question, “Your Neighbors and You,” is 29 account long. That was an aeon aback it was appear in 2015—when best video-makers were so anxious about motion affection that they produced clips that lasted beneath than 10 minutes. Aback the arena begins, you acquisition yourself in bed; a macho anatomy stretches abroad from you, its lower bisected covered by sheets. The calibration is a little aberrant if you’re sitting up in absolute life, the way Scott was, but you still apprehend that the anatomy is declared to be yours, admitting the actuality that you can see abandoned its abdomen and southward. But don’t anticipate about it for too long, because three women aloof absolved into your room. “He’s alike cuter in absolute activity than he is from beyond the road,” says one with a British accent. “Shall we deathwatch him up?” The added two women clamber assimilate the bed and put their faces abutting to yours. “Good morning,” one of them whispers in your larboard ear. She giggles. The complete is abundantly abutting to your ear, and abundantly lifelike.

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“I aloof couldn’t accept the captivation akin that it provided,” says one eyewitness of Your Neighbors and You, which featured (from left) Gina Gerson, Kiara Lord, and Jasmine Webb.


The way things advance from there is, in one way, absolutely predictable: The four of you accept sex in every believable permutation. Gymnastic animality aside, though, you’re addled by assertive aspects of it. For one, the macho performer—i.e. you—doesn’t move. Like, at all. The easily ability out a few times to authority and clasp assorted things, but the actor—your character, essentially—is for all intents and purposes absolutely passive. Stranger still, the three women beam into the camera about the absolute time (at atomic aback they’re, um, adverse the camera). If this were accepted collapsed video, the connected fourth wall-breaking ability assume strange. In VR, though, the aftereffect turns from a gimmick into … well, into a moment-maker. Depending area you look, and how accomplished an amateur the aerialist is, you absolutely do feel like you’re staring into anniversary other’s eyes.

Scott watched all this in amazement. He had two thoughts. The aboriginal was: “This is an acquaintance I was not expecting.”

The additional was: “I appetite to see added of it.”

Scott wasn’t alone, in either his concern or his timing. On Christmas Day 2016—when he got his headset—online tube armpit Pornhub saw its VR video bend jump from about 400,000 a day to added than 900,000. But Scott wasn’t attractive for the abbreviate examination snippets accessible on tube sites; he capital the absolute thing. “I aloof couldn’t accept the captivation akin that it provided,” he says. “Even admitting it was a little fuzzy, aggregate fabricated me apprehend that this is added than aloof watching a video in 3-D. Aback a woman comes up abutting to your face, you can feel the calefaction advancing off of her, you brainstorm that you feel her breath. Your academician is tricked into sensations that aren’t there because of the ones that are there.”

So he researched some more, approved out the offerings of a few VR studios. Eventually he acclimatized on a armpit alleged WankzVR. (BaDoink, you accept a challenger!) He admired that its videos had a faculty of humor; there was a Bold of Thrones apology and a zombie-themed arena that had appear out about Halloween. Best of all, though, he says, he admired that “the bigger accent seems to be on authoritative it real. Authoritative it intimate.”

Adult studios, and the consumers who besiege on their bulletin boards and on Reddit to allotment feedback, alarm this “the adherent experience,” or aloof GFE. And for best companies that jumped into authoritative VR porn, it became the watchword. “That was on the top of everyone’s account aback we aboriginal started authoritative content,” says Anna Lee, the admiral of developed VR collapsed HoloGirls. “‘Give me a girlfriend, accomplish me accept that she wants me, accomplish her attending at me, accomplish her be affectionate with me.’”

But conceivably no one fabricated acquaintance the cornerstone of their productions the way Wankz did. The collapsed created a camera rig that let performers appear riiiiiiiight up to the lens so they could pretend to kiss it. Added and added of the company’s scenes became committed not to the sex act itself, but to foreplay and contiguous interaction: whispering, teasing, eye contact. It alike started filming the absolute sex in a way that absolutely circumscribed out penetration.

Male admirers might, for example, see themselves accepting sex with a woman in the missionary position—but the camera is agee such that if they attending down, their appearance stops aloof beneath the woman’s waist. (Some VR video, including the majority of developed VR, is filmed in 180 degrees, which leaves some areas of the basal apple blacked or grayed out.) The focal point, instead, is on the woman’s pleasure: her facial expressions, the sounds she makes, the way she moves.

It’s adamantine to enlarge how axiological that about-face is. For tens of bags of years, the all-inclusive majority of amative art has presented sex in a distinct axiological way. Behindhand of the surroundings, behindhand of the position, behindhand of what anatomy allotment is contacting what anatomy part, sex has defaulted to … well, about at atomic one person’s genitals actuality stimulated. In the easily of Wankz and added VR studios, sex in VR becomes not action, but reaction. The action, studios know, is already taken affliction of. It’s accident alfresco of the basal bedroom, with the eyewitness demography affairs into his or her own hands.

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Let’s booty a moment actuality to abode the obvious: This is all aural ambrosial one-sided. You can acquisition VR porn that puts you in a woman’s body, and there’s actuality targeting gay men, but abundant like the developed industry as a whole, the all-inclusive majority of developed VR agreeable has catered to heterosexual men. The acumen for this, to a ample degree, is that’s artlessly area the money is: According to Pornhub’s data, macho visitors are 160 percent added acceptable to watch VR agreeable than women. In fact, women constituted a bald 26 percent of Pornhub’s all-embracing visitors in 2016.

Jay Smooth starrred in 2017’s Basal Sexology II.


Consider, though, the abstraction that VR porn may be added animal and beneath baldly objectifying than accepted porn is. That in about-face could accomplish it added ambrosial to women. That would be, to say the least, a affecting changeabout of contempo trends in the field. Afterwards accelerated internet and alive technology gave way to tube sites, the acceleration of smartphones fabricated porn added snackable than it had anytime been. In 2015, adaptable users accounted for 53 percent of Pornhub’s traffic, and that admeasurement has abandoned grown. (In the States, the ambit is alike steeper: In 2016, 70 percent of Pornhub’s US cartage came from adaptable users.) On average, bodies absorb beneath than 10 account per appointment to Pornhub—enough time to acquisition the blow they want, handle their business, and move on.

Much like the acceleration of MP3s created a abrupt dip in anthology sales, so too did abounding (and free) porn clips alter feature movies as the accepted assemblage of consumption. Whether by account or by correlation, the porn industry was acceptable a buyer’s market, and the bread-and-butter appulse trickled bottomward to its workforce: Performers acceptable beneath and beneath for sex acts. Those sex acts, in turn, were filmed in added analytical ways. A 2010 abstraction of 300 accepted porn videos begin that 88 percent of them featured some amount of concrete abandon adjoin women such as slapping, spanking, or gagging. That’s not to kink-shame or to abjure that a belt can’t be acceptable for both parties, but aback aggregate was accessible for free, activity to extremes became the way to bend out.

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Virtual reality, though, has the abeyant to about-face that trend through the abracadabra of empathy. With the anatomy gone, the eyewitness is in the scene. And already you’re in the scene, acknowledgment to presence, you’re no best a voyeur. You’re a participant. No added detachment, no added desensitization.

Does that accomplish things added arousing? Added difficult? Awkward? Embarrassing? It depends on the scene. It depends on the actuality watching it. But regardless, that abeyant to accuse the viewer, to put them on according basement with the fantasy they capital to see, promises to alter chicanery in a way no one has considered.

We’re already seeing that in these aboriginal canicule of VR porn. “People are responding to what’s affectionate of the antipode of acceptable porn,” says Doug McCort. And if anyone should know, it’s him. For the accomplished two years, the 46-year-old Alaskan has been reviewing about every VR porn arena appear online for his website 3DPornReviews.com. And I don’t beggarly he watches a arena and afresh does his best Roger Ebert impression; I beggarly he absolutely reviews it. He watches it once, to accomplish abiding it’s account autograph about—there are so abounding releases these canicule that he has to be a bit added discerning—then watches it again, pausing and unpausing, avaricious screenshots for his readers, demography his bend on and off. All told, anniversary analysis takes four to six hours on average, sometimes more.

“Porn had affectionate of breakable into gonzo-type shit,” McCort says, application the industry abracadabra for hardcore, pretense-free porn. “Where abroad are you activity to advance it afterwards 40 or 50 years? All you can do is advance through beheld extremes or concrete extremes, and that’s silly. VR offers admission to things that you aloof can’t get in porn. You’re seeing a bequest to the basal things that are amative aback you’re in abutting adjacency to addition affiliate of the adverse sex. It’s far from pornographic and abundant added like animal intimacy.”

Performers accept become added than fantasy objects; they’ve become fantasy partners—and added important, they’ve become people. “I acquisition that I affliction added about the bodies in the scenes than I acclimated to,” Scott says. “Even admitting they’re still arena themselves actuality a porn star, their personality comes through in a way that I acquisition affectionate of fascinating—so I absolutely seek out behind-the-scenes interviews or podcasts area they’re guests, aloof to apprehend a little added about their life.”

Sounds like a crush, doesn’t it? Scott maintains, though, that VR porn has absolutely rekindled his affiliation with his wife of about 40 years. “My absorption in sex with my wife has added significantly,” he says. “She thinks it’s because I got a altered job and I’m beneath fatigued out, but it’s absolutely because I accomplished how agreeable my acquaintance with her is. Aback I aboriginal started watching VR porn, I thought, ‘Maybe this is an befalling to daydream about one of the women I had this acquaintance with in VR aback I’m with my wife.’ That did not work. There was this cerebral antagonism that absolutely fabricated the sex worse. Focusing on my wife as my wife, the actuality who loves me and who I love, was so abundant added acceptable and exciting—even admitting I had this abstracted set of adventures in VR that maybe fabricated me absorbed in accepting sex that night.” VR ability accept been an aphrodisiac, in added words, but it wasn’t a replacement.

Back at the BaDoink shoot, not anybody is a VR vet. This is the aboriginal time for Tommy Gunn, the macho performer—but aback he’s appeared in added than 1,700 films, it’s activity to booty added than some adorned cameras to abash him. “From what I understand,” he says, “I aloof accept to lay aback and adore the ride. It’s bigger than a aciculate stick in the eye.”

Gunn looks a little like Bronn, the artful sellsword from HBO’s Bold of Thrones—if Bronn had developed up in New Jersey and admired customizing aggressive vehicles. He shares Bronn’s plainspoken address as well. “Porn is, at the end of the day, a penis in a hole,” I apprehend him acquaint a aggregation affiliate in the kitchen afore the shoot. “That’s what it is.”

Or maybe that’s what it acclimated to be. VR is alteration things. For one, there are those above ben-wa balls, which at atomic for the moment are application August Ames’s attention. (“Looks like a cat toy,” Gunn says from the daybed amid takes. He’s allotment right; however, actuality ablaze blooming with red, they additionally attending like two tiny antique watermelons.) And they’re aloof one of a cardinal of things altered about this movie-to-be, which is BaDoink’s attack at application VR to accomplish developed agreeable that’s both affectionate and instructive.

Like abounding added VR porn pieces, Basal Sexology is actuality attack from the first-person bend of the macho aerialist (in this case, Gunn). This bend isn’t new to porn; POV (point of view) is now a brand all its own. But it’s abutting to the absence analysis in VR, at atomic in these aboriginal canicule of the technology, because it creates so abundant contiguous acquaintance for the viewer.

Also, as in abounding added VR porn experiences, the administrator tells Gunn that he needs to abide aphasiac and abundantly still. That can advance to some odd contortions, aback the camera rig needs to be placed at his eye akin afterwards interfering with what I’m aloof activity to alarm his operational appendages. As afflictive as that may be for him, though, it’s a charge for VR—because it forges a beauteous articulation amid the viewer’s academician and the anatomy that attendance tells them they’re occupying.

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But added than the camera angle, it’s the absolute anatomy of Basal Sexology that makes it clashing aloof about any VR porn cine (or porn movie, period) out there. That starts with the animal appointment itself. Although it includes best of the card items you’d expect, it’s added like an advisory video: Throughout, August Ames looks into the camera and coaches “you” (as embodied by Gunn) through assorted techniques that ambit from abysmal animation to means to adjournment orgasm. 1

The absolute calligraphy is mostly voiceover—in the accomplished film, a changeable narrator will handle the exposition, accouterment somewhat analytic annotation on the allowances of Masters and Johnson’s “squeeze” address or how assorted positions can aerate dispatch for either or both parties—which makes August Ames’ chat complete like a cantankerous amid an overacting porn brilliant and an everyone-gets-a-trophy preschool teacher. “Oh my God,” she coos breathily into the camera during a articulation on Kegel exercises, as Tommy Gunn does what can abandoned be declared as bell push-ups, a anhydrate draped over his active penis, “your dick is so strong.”

If you anticipate that sounds abominable in writing, brainstorm continuing on a powered-down treadmill in the absolutely furnished rental house, a bare 10 anxiety from the bed, scribbling addendum furiously. And if you anticipate it sounds like addition sad archetype of the developed industry peddling the allegory of a abject yet sexually clamorous woman, you’re … well, you’re not wrong. At atomic not in this case.

But the porn industry’s embrace of VR isn’t bedfast to heteronormative, male-first fantasies. Afterwards BaDoink appear Basal Sexology, in fact, it went on to accomplish a aftereffect attack from the changeable performer’s point of view. Addition site, VR Bangers, afresh appear a male-female arena that was attack from both the man’s bend and the woman’s, and afresh synchronized—with the achievement that a brace at home will pop on their headsets, reenact what they’re seeing, and adore actuality added bodies for 17 account and 26 seconds. (Or about continued it takes afore they, uh, get bored.) There’s gay VR porn, auto VR porn, BDSM VR porn; basically, acquisition a flavor, stick a “VR” in the average of it, and it acceptable exists. And if it doesn’t, it will soon.

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And with that amaranthine admeasurement comes a new question: What does this amount of captivation mean? Does it aggregate cheating on your partner? In committed relationships, the catechism of whether watching porn constitutes breach or alike affair artlessly doesn’t accept a distinct answer: Every brace is different. Yet, the added ability of attendance introduces a new complication to the question. Is accepting angry by the delineation of addition actuality altered aback that delineation especially creates the apparition that you’re absolutely there with that person?

This was commodity that Scott concluded up grappling with. During his time on the bulletin boards of his admired VR porn site, he wrote, he had apprehend added men’s belief about watching VR porn with their wives. Some had artlessly apparent their wives movies attack from a woman’s perspective; others had had sex while cutting a headset. Scott began to admiration whether such a affair was accessible in his relationship. Unbeknownst to his wife, VR porn had already ambulatory his animal affiliation with her; why couldn’t he acquaint her about it? So he did.

It didn’t go well. She asked to see one of the scenes he had watched—and afterwards watching the absolute scene, she said, “This feels like adultery.” Scott was shocked. In his mind, VR porn was artlessly fantasy, admitting decidedly active fantasy. His wife, though, reminded him of a book they had apprehend calm that fatigued the ability of visualization: If you convenance cutting chargeless throws in your mind, for example, your hidden will eventually internalize the repetition, arch to real-world improvement. VR porn, his wife said, was analogously conditioning his apperception to accept an affair—it was an affair simulator. (The actuality that Scott had researched his admired performers didn’t advice either; they were acceptable like girlfriends to him, his wife said.)

Scott didn’t anticipate that he would anytime bluff on his wife, but he canceled his WankzVR membership—and began to anticipate alarmingly about his own VR consumption, as he explained to me in a anxious email:

I had assertive myself that VR porn was different—it was acceptable porn. Regular porn depicts a man (or men) accustomed out acts on a woman, sometimes in absolute aspersing ways. In VR porn, the woman is about absorbing you, authoritative adulation to you. She’s the one in control, she’s empowered. The scenes acquaint a adventure and there is some anticipation that goes into the chat and plot. The sex itself tends to be added tender, added real, with best foreplay and added astute endings. I articular that if VR is rewiring my brain, at atomic it’s absolute abutting to the absolute acquaintance of sex.

In hindsight, I now apprehend that while VR porn is altered in abounding means from acceptable 2-D porn, the aerial that it can aftermath is decidedly added almighty and appropriately added dangerous. The aggregate of a astute 3-D ambiance absolute a actuality who is focused on pleasuring you triggers dopamine spikes that collapsed porn can’t touch. I bethink the aboriginal time a babe aside in my ear in VR—I could affirm that I could feel her animation and the calefaction of her audacity beaming adjoin mine. It beatific tingles bottomward my spine. That activity lessened in after videos, so I apprehend that my academician was, in fact, accepting acclimated to the acquaintance (desensitization).

“I feel like I’ve dodged a ammo by advancing apple-pie to my wife aback I did,” he wrote; he was aflame to balance “authentic sexuality” with her.

I’m blessed for Scott. Blessed that he was honest with his wife; blessed that she was honest with him; happiest of all that they begin a way to move forward.

And this brace will absolutely not be abandoned in angry with these issues. Because the circle of VR and aphrodisia is aloof beginning. We’ll abide to see the developed industry actualize agreeable to bout the capabilities of the best able headsets, aloof like it has consistently been at the beginning of abstruse adoption. As VR alcove everyone, we’ll see studios like BaDoink and Wankz and Yanks and Kink.com and Naughty America and a dozen others augment their offerings, accouterment to the accoutrements of tastes.

We’ll see livestreamed “camming” improve, with cameras that acquiesce admirers to angular in afterpiece to the performers they see in their headsets, and we’ll ultimately see performers cutting their own headsets, abutting with advantageous barter for clandestine time (as avatars only, of course). And aloof as certainly, we’ll see handwringing about how the immersive qualities of VR porn accomplish it a danger—to adolescent people, to women, to relationships, to the bolt of association itself. ’Twas anytime thus, right?

But accede this: The acquaintance Scott and his wife allotment now is stronger than it’s been in years. And that’s acknowledgment to VR.

1 In December 2017, during the final alteration appearance of the book from which this commodity is excerpted, we abstruse that August Ames had taken her own life. She was 23 years old.

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