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SAN DIEGO — Standing abreast a row of blooming auto trees, Ester Cruz and Richard Stanich watched their 2-year-old son chase his plastic, giraffe-shaped bike through the parking lot as he approved to accumulate up with bigger boys on bikes. Nearby, a woman absolved her dog and accession sat in a backyard chair, smoker a cigarette.

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The arena had the accouterment of a bounce night in a archetypal Southern California neighborhood, but it belied what it absolutely was: a belted parking lot for bodies like Stanich and Cruz, an Uber disciplinarian and a Starbucks barista, who assignment but can alone acquiesce to alive in their vehicles.

Like Seattle and added cities up and bottomward the West Coast, area home prices and rents are soaring, San Diego is experiencing a growing homelessness crisis. And like Seattle and King County, one-fifth of San Diego County’s abandoned citizenry lives in their vehicles.

But San Diego has managed to do article Seattle hasn’t: sustain a large, longterm accomplishment that consistently gets bodies out of their cartage and into housing.

On average, San Diego has gotten 43 percent of audience like Cruz and Stanich into accommodation every year. In Seattle, at the aiguille of its aged program, aloof over one in 10 got housed.

And San Diego does so far added efficiently, spending $436,000 to accomplish three safe lots with a absolute accommodation for up to 150 vehicles, while Seattle was on clue to absorb about that abundant in a year on a distinct parking lot, for aloof 20 vehicles.

The success of San Diego’s program, run by the nonprofit Dreams for Change, may abundantly axis from what the affairs doesn’t do. It does not acquiesce bodies active in RVs. It alone allows bodies in at night. And until recently, best of the audience were experiencing homelessness for the aboriginal time.

Seattle’s safe-lot program, in assorted incarnations, has not fabricated those adamantine choices.

In the accepted version, which the burghal of Seattle has dubbed a “safe zone,” the association alive in a pothole-filled unfenced lot in the Sodo automated district. They all alive in RVs that never acquire to move, and are all chronically homelessness. Three safe- area association afresh died, two of them in their vehicles. In Seattle, a case artisan visits already a week; in San Diego, case workers are there every night.

Replicating the San Diego affairs in Seattle could be a claiming because it is not actionable to alive in one’s agent in Seattle. It is in San Diego — one acceptable agency that drives bodies into the Dreams for Change program.

But while Seattle’s safe-lot affairs is on its aftermost legs, San Diego’s affairs now provides a safe abode to beddy-bye for added than 200 bodies every night, with a continued cat-and-mouse account for spots.

It was 2010, in the deathwatch of the Great Recession, aback Teresa Smith noticed added and added of her audience at a San Diego nonprofit were acceptable abandoned for the aboriginal time. They adopted active in their cars rather than shelters, but there were no appointed parking spaces area they could go.

So she created a new nonprofit, Dreams for Change, to bear casework to a ample cardinal of agent band while adopting a faculty of community.

The affairs started small, gradually growing, until it angled in admeasurement aftermost abatement afterwards accepting money from the burghal of San Diego for the aboriginal time. The allotment followed a hepatitis A beginning in California that dead at atomic 20, best of them active alfresco and not in vehicles.

Dreams for Change’s audience may not acquire been afflicted by the outbreak, but the affairs does a acceptable job of allowance bodies who are in an “interim stage” of homelessness and who abhorrence accident their cars because of too abounding parking tickets, said Ray Ellis, a San Diego business baton and a affiliate of the region’s homelessness assignment force.

Dreams for Change now operates three fenced, gated lots, two with 60 parking spaces and one with 30. Case managers are on armpit at all three locations for several hours every night. Audience breach in the affairs an boilerplate of 157 days, a little added than bristles months.

Families in the affairs are assigned to a lot on the acreage of Jewish Ancestors Service (JFS) of San Diego. They can activate accession about 6 p.m., afterwards JFS advisers leave for the day. As of backward March, about 70 adults and 33 accouchement backward there. It is a hodgepodge of bodies from altered affairs — retirees, teenagers, adolescent families. Audience acquire to angle in on chores.

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The affairs doesn’t acquiesce booze or biologic burning on site.

At the JFS lot, there is a patio off a association allowance that audience can use for a few hours every night to eat meals, besiege or accommodated with their case managers. The accession of burghal dollars agency there are now accommodation specialists on site.

Cruz, 30, and Stanich, 29, confused actuality in mid-March, the aforementioned ages boilerplate rents in San Diego hit an best aerial of $1,887 a month, almost according to rents in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. Alike with their jobs, the brace still can’t acquiesce an accommodation here.

They briefly lived in a relative’s garage, sleeping on an air mattress, until neighbors complained. Again Cruz’s bang-up at Starbucks told her about Dreams for Change.

On a contempo evening, Cruz afflicted her toddler son’s childhood in the aback of the couple’s Jeep Grand Cherokee, which she has dubbed the “She Hulk,” while Stanich able their additional car, a Toyota Corolla, advancing for a night active for Uber. He anxiously keeps their cartage and the amplitude about them clean.

She nursed her son to beddy-bye by the acrid blooming afterglow of a carriageable light. “He doesn’t absolutely apperceive what’s action on,” Cruz said.

She had to get up in a few hours for a 6:15 a.m. about-face at Starbucks. Instead of accepting accessible for assignment in a bathroom, she does her architecture by the ablaze of the car’s affectation mirror, while her toddler sleeps to lullabies she plays on her smartphone. Cruz and her bedmate see anniversary added briefly in the mornings aback they duke off their boy, so Stanich can booty him to adolescent care.

By 10 p.m., the lot was mostly quiet, because audience can’t run their cartage at night. Soon, the alone assurance of action was the afterglow of cellphone screens through the agent windows.

More than 200 afar up the Pacific Coast, in a burghal so abundant it’s about accepted as the American Riviera, Santa Barbara takes a actual altered access from San Diego to abandoned agent camping, but still has bigger after-effects than Seattle. A aerial of 22 percent of audience fabricated it into accommodation in 2016, but as few as 13.6 percent the year before.

People bed bottomward for the night in two dozen agent lots broadcast beyond Santa Barbara like bells rice. The affairs has been about aback 2004 and is advised one of the longest-running in the country. Best of the audience are seniors or alive adults and, as in San Diego, the affairs is brief only.

Unlike in San Diego or Seattle, Santa Barbara’s two dozen lots are micro-sized — about bristles to 10 spots. The archetypal hardly resembles an abstraction floated by Seattle Councilmember Mike O’Brien aftermost year, to actualize 40 to 50 baby safe parking zones beyond the city. He additionally proposed that bodies in the affairs could be absolved from assertive parking laws.

Santa Barbara offers no such leniency. Although there is a able altruistic spirit in Santa Barbara, there’s additionally a able “not-in-my-backyard” mentality, said Cassie Roach, affairs coordinator for New Beginnings Counseling Center, the nonprofit that runs the safe-lot program.

So the lots are advised to draw little attention. They are tucked into affluent neighborhoods, abreast celebrated sites, in burghal and by the beach. All the locations are confidential.

Each lot in the affairs belongs to a altered acreage owner, both clandestine and public, including some burghal and canton properties. Anniversary lot buyer dictates what blazon of agent they will allow, and how many.

The Santa Barbara Home Improvement Center, a bounded accouterments store, sets abreast one of its 87 parking spaces for the agent camping affairs and has not had problems, said Michael Owens, the abundance operations manager.

“It aloof seems like an accessible way to try to advice somebody who is struggling,” Owens said.

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Once in the lots for the night, audience aren’t declared to allocution to the acreage owners or amble alfresco the vehicles. There are no backyard chairs set abreast auto trees, as there are in the San Diego program.

”We don’t appetite bodies to become too complacent,” Roach said. “They acquire to acquire some allurement to move forward. We don’t appetite to set up a campground. It’s declared to be a safe abode to sleep.”

By 7 a.m. in the San Diego lots, every one of the Dreams for Change cars will be gone. Abundant like Santa Barbara, the affairs is advised to ensure bodies don’t amble during the day because that’s not acceptable for their brainy health, said Smith, the controlling director.

“The best way to advice them forth is to say, you can’t breach here,” Smith said.

But that puts abounding audience in a difficult position, abnormally if they don’t acquire a job or about abroad to go. Some audience adhere out at the bank or a adjacent park. One mother and her 14-year-old son go to the accessible library afterwards he’s done with school, cat-and-mouse for the safe lot to open.

One contempo morning, Cruz and Stanich met beneath a active artery to adapt their possessions, camping gear, toys and essentials. Their son played amidst the chaos, active his bike amid the two anchored cartage as cars and trucks roared overhead.

A California Department of Transportation artisan pulled up. This was accompaniment appropriate of way, he told them.

“You can’t adhere here,” the artisan said. He’d let it go, for now. “I’ll appear back.”

There are bigger inconveniences.

The antecedent day, Stanich had his acumen teeth pulled. The articulate surgeon let him balance in the arrangement while Cruz collection about with her son, acrimonious up his prescriptions. But afterwards that, Stanich had to balance in his car. Lack of beddy-bye was communicable up to both of them.

“It’s aloof active day to day,” said Cruz, her commonly upbeat personality chastened by fatigue.

Tiring of activity in baby vehicles, the brace absitively to buy an RV from a acquaintance of a about for $1,000, alike admitting it had cast central and a assiduous aroma of gasoline. Stanich was assertive he could accomplish it work.

“I feel like I’m gonna acquire a roof over my family’s head,” said Stanich, afterwards they best up the RV and fabricated their aboriginal payment.

“It’s a bigger roof than this one,” said a smiling, animated Cruz.

However, allotment to alive in the RV would beggarly abrogation Dreams for Change. This credibility to a aperture in the organization’s model: The affairs doesn’t acquire RVs or campers. That puts RV citizenry in a anchor — RVs are additionally banned from parking on any accessible artery in San Diego from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.

In Santa Barbara, RVs can’t esplanade on a burghal artery at all. That prompted New Beginnings to accessible bristles day lots for RVs, but that’s alone 16 spots.

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On this issue, Seattle is added lenient. RVs can esplanade in automated areas for up to 72 hours, but there is no law banning them from the burghal streets outright. That’s acquired astriction with association and businesses in automated areas like Ballard, Interbay and Sodo, who say RVs are bringing debris and abomination into their neighborhoods.

Smith, with Dreams for Change, said the San Diego affairs doesn’t acquiesce RVs because a altered citizenry lives in them, bodies about added aggressive to abrogation their cartage for housing.

That creates a cat-and-mouse bold amid RV association and police, said Ann Menasche, a San Diego advocate who aftermost year filed a class-action accusation adjoin the city’s RV authorization and a law banning bodies from active in their vehicles, arguing they unfairly ambition agent association who are disabled.

People try to abstain police, “but they get bent all the time,” Menasche said.

A ages afterwards Cruz and Stanich bought the RV, Cruz was still active in the Dreams for Change lot. Stanich had been alive on the RV but wasn’t finished; the baptize accident central was added all-encompassing than they had originally noticed. He confused it every brace of canicule to abstain agitation with police.

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The annoyance and accent of their active bearings and adverse schedules acquired tension, so the brace absitively to booty a breach from the relationship. That’s not uncommon, a Dreams for Change caseworker said, for families active in a difficult bearings like this. Cruz agreed.

“You can’t fix a accord aback you’re out on the streets or active in a car, active in a motor home, aggravating to fix it and aggravating to accomplish abiding you accomplish a home for the family,” she said.

Seattle’s action to abode vehicular homelessness charcoal up in the air. Mayor Jenny Durkan afresh appear bashful new efforts but has appear no absolute plan.

The Seattle Burghal Council will anon adjudge whether to tax the city’s better administration to armamentarium added affordable-housing and homelessness services. Included in the angle — which is still accountable to change — is money for 97 parking spaces for agent campers, broadcast in a dozen or added lots beyond the city.

Unlike in San Diego, the council’s angle would acquiesce RVs and would accomplish 24/7. And it would amount added than bifold San Diego’s affairs — almost $1.15 actor a year, or about $12,000 per agent in the program. Best of that money would go to case management.

In San Diego, Dreams for Change is experiencing its own growing pains. The new burghal allotment accustomed the affairs to grow, but it additionally has resulted in added chronically abandoned and harder-to-serve audience — the affectionate of audience that Seattle’s safe-lot affairs started with.

As a result, Smith, the controlling director, expects the program’s success amount accepting bodies into accommodation will drop.

Cruz afresh set up an arrangement with a Dreams for Change accommodation specialist, acquisitive to hire a distinct allowance and accretion added adherence for her growing, active son.

She and Stanich abide beholden for the RV, alike if it’s anchored elsewhere, because at atomic their toddler has a bed to beddy-bye in occasionally now that Stanich has thoroughly bankrupt the autogenous and removed the mold.

But Cruz and her son still beddy-bye in the parking lot best nights.

And Cruz has begin a affectionate of association in the bodies actuality who, like her, appetite added for themselves and their children. Alike then, sometimes at night, the affliction catches up to her.

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“I admiration if there’s somebody abroad in their car crying,” Cruz said. “There charge be.”

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