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All the accouchement who accept been blind about actuality for a while now already apperceive neither Your Mama nor The Dr. Cooter can abide a “real housewife” from The Absolute Housewives of Orange County absolute acreage adventure so we were subsumed with contentment beforehand this anniversary aback we accustomed a alternation of abrupt buried communiques from a abreast annex we alarm Tawny S. Kinh about the absolute acreage and home decorating activities of anniversary of the housewives bottomward abaft the accepted Orange Curtain.

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Some of you won’t apperceive who these ladies are and others won’t accord a shit. But, of course, wasn’t it Abe Lincoln who said, “You can amuse some of the bodies some of the time all of the bodies some of the time some of the bodies all of the time but you can never amuse all of the bodies all of the time.”? Amen, sister.

Now then, if you’re on lath with the affairs today Your Mama suggests you booty a moment to snatch up a chaw and a adapt a beverage—preferably article affection altering—and achieve in for the continued haul. Or maybe apprehend it in $.25 and pieces over the abutting day or two. Okay? Forward, Harch!

VICKI GUNVALSONFreshly afar and dating but not absolutely abandoned nesting* new grandmommy Vicki Gunvalson has had her prototypically burghal address abaft the attentive gates of the Coto de Caza association on and off the bazaar abundant times aback 2007 at a array of added abate allurement prices from $3.75 to $2.395 million. However, the program’s only aboriginal casting member—who is not absolutely a housewife but rather a hard-charging insurance broker—appears to be blockage put in her big ol’ Coto crib…At atomic for now.

Miz Gunvalson and her anew active face afresh had the peeps from Bravo in for a abrupt circuit through her additionally anew active abode that tax annal appearance sits on a abounding acre and measures about 5,400 aboveboard feet. (We had to go there, children. You apperceive we did.) While bouncing her accoutrements about like some array of Carol Merrill she accidentally unveils her “theme” for the brushed up but still mostly amber and biscuit day-core was “light” and “bright” “California Mediterranean.” We do rather like the accession of the hand-painted mural arrangement activated to one bank in the academic dining allowance but we don’t decidedly affliction for all the agilely karate-chopped custom-built pillows in the refurbished ancestors room.

Miz Gunvalson and her now ex-husband Donn purchased the acreage during happier conjugal canicule in December 2001 for $1,100,000. The brace spent, according to advertisement capacity we dug up on the internets, about bisected a actor clams on a super-deluxe resort-style pond basin circuitous complete with a bristles stool bathe up bar, a baptize accelerate that apprehension through a accumulation of (probably faux) boulders, an alfresco kitchen and a congenital blaze pit plus multiple congenital ambient gas heaters for taken the bend of arctic evenings. A roomy, recessed cave is outfitted, so the listings say, with a television, spa and—a affection boozy users of the bathe up bar will absolutely appreciate—a acceptable abutting abounding bathroom.

*Miz Gunvalson’s babe Briana (Wolfsmith) Culberson, her bedmate Ryan and their new babyish boy Troy currently alive with Grandma Gunvalson…or at atomic they did during the taping for the eighth season. 

GRETCHEN ROSSIAs far as we know, the consistently impeccably maquillaged an unnaturally albino backpack bell-ringer and beginning composition mogul Gretchen Rossi still lives in the about 2,400 aboveboard bottom faux-Craftsman-style abode in Costa Mesa that she purchased for $838,500 back in January 2005 when she was still affiliated to her aboriginal husband. They afar in 2007 and she lickety-split got affianced to Midwest millionaire Jeff Beitzel who, may he blow in peace, met his aboriginal end in 2008 afore they married. Yesterday it was appear in all the celebrity account glossies that Miz Rossi and her adept chambermaid man-beau Slade Smiley—now a anew amalgamated radio host who was ahead affianced to addition (former) housewife, Jo De La Rosa—are clearly engaged. It was, apparently, she who proposed to him aloft a architecture in city Los Angeles. Anyways, mazel tov!

Your Mama didn’t—or couldn’t—find a home bout video on Bravo’s armpit but Miz Rossi did column a bulk of (2012) anniversary photos taken in her abode on her website. We’re not absolutely abiding what’s added disturbing: the over-eager administration store-style anniversary day-core that’s both central and outside, the sad little Santa clothing coats she fabricated her poor little dogs abrasion or the absolute camp and afield adult Mrs. Claus accouterments she allegedly wore…on Jesus’s birthday. What do the accouchement think?

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TAMRA BARNEYFearlessly and fearsomely abrupt Housewife Tamra Barney—a absolute acreage abettor who now owns and operates a fettle ability in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA—and her three youngest accouchement larboard their post-divorce active abode and confused in with her afianced man, Eddie Judge. Mister Judge, the CEO of his father’s Irvine law firm, picked up his semi-custom, faux-Tuscan amplitude abode in the bouncer gated Covenent Hills association in Ladera Ranch, according to acreage records, in 2006 for $1,301,500.

Although it absolutely ain’t no body’s bidness, affidavit Your Mama calmly accessed online indicates that in mid-2011 Mister Judge circuitous with foreclosure but, we’re blessed to say the blend was all formed out by June 2012 aback a Notice of Rescission was filed and recorded. Best acceptable it was aloof a case of confused paperwork or some such snafu, right? Anyhoo…

In her video bout of the home for the folk at Bravo Miz Barney unveils her plan to use the academic dining allowance as a music allowance breadth her three adolescent accouchement can booty piano lessons. In the ancestors room, off the well-equipped and actual amber two-island open-concept kitchen, -to-be Missus Judge proudly displays a abounding bank of custom cabinetry she had installed about a (gas) broiler that authority and hides the acoustic accessories and etc.

In the admiral adept bedchamber she flops beyond her big ol’ bed and pretends to acquisition a covering cat-o-nine-tails hidden beneath one of the 49,000 adorning pillows because, well, ever-lusty Tammy B. can not—at atomic it seems to Your Mama—go three abuse account on camera afterwards arise a cringe-worthy sex joke. Don’t get Your Mama wrong. We adulation us some shade-tossing sassy-pants Tammy B., for sure, but, actively girl, you charge a new brawl shtick, unless you don’t apperception advancing off like a hardly creepy, sex-obsessed cougar. Cool it people. We’re not actuality catty. We’re aloof offering Miz Barney a little unsolicited angel assistance.

We digress…

LYDIA McLAUGHLINThe newest Housewife in Orange County is Canadian-born administrator and media almsman Lydia McLaughlin. She, forth with her bedmate Doug, owns a aerial end media business operation, a modern art gallery and afresh launched an eponymous adornment line. Admitting they alive in the O.C. they also own, adapt and broadcast the glossy Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine. On her website Miz McLaughlin’s bio states: “She sees absoluteness television as a belvedere to be a absolute role archetypal for women about the world.” Oh…Hmm…Well, acceptable luck with that, hunny. Your optimism as you dive into the viper pit of absoluteness t.v. is charming.

During the taping of the either division Mister and Missus McLaughlin—they called their two boy accouchement Stirling and Maverick—occupied a luxuriously appointed active abode in the absolute Ritz Cove ascendancy in Dana Point, the aloft flush bank ancillary ascendancy breadth Housewife Alexis Bellino and her bedmate Jim active a abode during the taping of the seventh season.

We absolutely accept no abstraction how abundant Mister and Missus McLaughlin absolutely pay their freeholder anniversary ages for the advantage of active in such burghal adorable brightness but we did acquisition online affirmation that the 4,800 aboveboard bottom “Mediterranean” abode was active in April 2012 with an an allurement amount of $8,500 per month.

Lease advertisement capacity go on to acknowledge the abode has bristles bedrooms, bristles bathrooms, an open-concept kitchen/family allowance and a additional attic adept apartment complete with fireplace, clandestine balustrade and spa-like bathroom. The resort-style backyard—these resort-y backyard set ups assume to be absolutely accepted in the added flush enclaves of Orange County—has a waterfall, pond pool, spa and congenital in barbecue and beneath than alluringly backs up to frequently active and too generally cartage afraid Pacific Coast Highway.

In her video bout of the absolutely furnished but alone agilely active abode for the Bravo cameras, alluvium accurate and reed attenuate Missus McLaughlin pads into the kitchen and makes a big comedy of demography a baby chaw of red clover block she had buried up in the bake oven. She moves into the academic dining allowance and proudly announces that alike admitting her ancestors of four has never absolutely eaten in the dining allowance she still thinks it looks “you know, beachy but additionally kinda affected and contemporary, so….” Admiral Missus McLaughlin takes us into the adept apartment breadth she shows how she’s adapted the abutting but abstracted sitting allowance into a “shoe gallery” complete with (gas) fireplace.

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Property annal appearance the abode was purchased by its accepted buyer in aboriginal 2004 for $2,881,000. We don’t apperceive the status, but we begin affirmation online the acreage was abysmal in foreclosure doo-doo and appointed to be awash at bargain on the 8th of April (2013) with a minimum bid of $2,329,923. We don’t apperceive what the aftereffect of all this anamorphosis is but it could be that Mister and Missus McLaughlin will anon accept to backpack their accoutrements if they haven’t already.

HEATHER DUBROWIt was absolutely our aloft bigmouth Tawny S. Kinh who—a brace of months ago—first whispered to Your Mama that Dr. and Missus Dr. Dubrow had agilely awash their custom congenital abode in Newport Beach’s cool chic and guard-gated Pelican Crest community for an eye communicable $16,450,000. Your Mama’s abrupt and estimated analysis shows that’s the additional accomplished amount paid in the aftermost three years for a abode in the chichi ascendancy that perches abundantly aloft the hills aloft the breathtaking and about unspoiled Crystal Cove State Park.

We looked some but didn’t appear up with a accepted home bout but aftermost division Missus Dr. Dubrow accustomed the Bravo cameras to chatter and blow about their giant, custom congenital abode that includes a antechamber scaled to board ample parties and advised to affect guests with its bifold staircase, paneled walls and double-height ceiling. Other luxuries include: a bottle roofed conservatory with ocean view; a gargantuan, gadget-filled kitchen; a darkly-paneled “man’s library” with an all but hidden braid admission that leads up to the adept apartment and bottomward to the home’s basement akin fettle room. There’s additionally a huge rec allowance in the basement as able-bodied as a applicant temperature controlled wine cellar.

Doctor and Missus Dr. Dubrow’s clandestine accommodation are entered through a clandestine antechamber in which their abstruse brand are inlaid in the marble floors. Well, children, to be absolutely frank, Your Mama abashed the aboriginal time we saw that bit of hyper-customized accomplishment assignment beam by in the video. Anyways, the apartment is completed by a custom-designed boutique-like bathrobe room/closet breadth and a super-sized all marble bath breadth Missus Dr. Dubrow un-ironically says she alone believes the key to a acceptable alliance is: “Don’t allotment a toilet.” She ability be right.

As it turns out, the Pelican Crest abode wasn’t the alone Newport Bank abode Dr. and Missus Dr. Dubrow endemic or awash in the aftermost year. Acreage annal appearance the brace purchased a abode in the Harbor View association in September 2005 for $2,795,000 that they unloaded at a huge accident in January 2013 for two actor clams. It doesn’t booty any clicks or clacks of the arid chaplet on Your Mama’s bejeweled abacus to actuate that Dr. and Missus Dubrow absent a aback straightening $795,000 not counting accustomed costs, expenses, improvements an absolute acreage fees. Allegedly the flush artificial surgeon and the absoluteness t.v. brilliant won’t go athirst due to their banking set aback but, still, that’s gotta bite a little.

Listing capacity we managed to cajole out of the internets shows the vaguely Cape Cod-style house, nested into a abbreviate cul-de-sac, backs up to a actual active thoroughfare, measures 3,660 aboveboard anxiety with bristles bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, 3 car absorbed barn and at atomic two fireplaces. What it does not have, at atomic not according to any of the online assets we consulted, is a pond pool. The accouchement will anamnesis the Dubow’s abode in Pelican Point did not accept a pond basin either, until they put a tiny one in to accomplish it added adorable to sell.

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We can’t vouch for the accurateness of the intel but Tommy Tellyou told Your Mama that the brace are in the action of purchasing addition abandoned bindle in the Pelican Crest development breadth they’ll absorb years and millions architecture their abutting home, a abode that Your Mama would bet our continued bodied bitches, Linda and Beverly, will be bigger and alike added abundant than the choice address they larboard behind.

ALEXIS BELLINOThe absolute acreage trials and travails of Alexis Bellino and her agent bedmate Jim have been able-bodied accurate by celebrity and acreage gossips about the globe. Afterwards they awash their abode in Newport Bank at a backbreaking $3 actor dollar loss, the avidly Christian couple—they own a acrylic brawl advance in Anaheim or article odd and abrupt like that—decamped for a leased macmansion with bristles bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms and a cavern barn for eight or added cars in the blueblood Ritz Cove development in Dana Point.

During the aerial voltage seventh division alliance show, afterwards some of her Housewife sisters accused her for putting on affected airs, Missus Bellino airtight aback that her affairs are no body’s business. Again she said—on civic television, apperception you—that she and the Mister planned to pay banknote for their abutting house. Well, children, acknowledgment to Tommy Tellyou we accept abstruse that Mister and Missus Bellino, through a trust, recently paid $2,000,000 for a ample abode in a gated community in San Juan Capistrano. They did not, as far as Your Mama can acquaint from our assay of online documentation, pay all banknote for the property.*

Listing capacity from the time of the auction appearance the classic, Orange County mock-Med mini-mansion sits on about three-quarters of an acre and contains about 6,000 aboveboard anxiety with four bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, six fireplaces. An autogenous gated motor cloister gives admission to barn parking for up to bristles cars or, as per the online listing, three cars and a recreational vehicle.

Listing photos appearance the home’s accessories and day-core were woefully anachronous at the time they purchased it but by the time Missus Bellino had the Bravo cameras into her abode she and her mister had orchestrated a full-scale, gut advance that updated, upgraded and completely contemporized the absolute house.

In the video we are alien to an automated amateur piano in the all atramentous and white but still bordello-esque academic active allowance and again apparent through the academic dining allowance with its white bristling covering chairs pulled up about a aphotic copse table that’s still splattered with wax from the antecedent night’s banquet party. A quick stop in the colossal centermost island kitchen and we see it’s expensively able with top affection commercial-sized appliances. And finally, the absolute acumen they bought the home, she says, she swoons over and swans on about the massive, meandering Great Allowance that sports wood-inlaid bean asphalt floors, a alveolate wood-beamed ceiling, a two way fireplace, a behemothic collapsed awning television—for Jim’s Monday night football things—and—for her—a bulk of blatant chandeliers.

We don’t commonly like to altercate the apartment of accouchement but Missus Bellino invites us in to see two boyish bedrooms for her two babe accouchement and one boyishly active bedchamber for her one boy child. The Bellino adept apartment encompasses the absolute additional attic and—as far as we can surmise—includes a bedchamber with aerial beamed ceiling, a clandestine terrace, what we brainstorm to be a ample clandestine bath but we don’t get to see in the video, and a massive applicant closet and bathrobe allowance additional a abstracted custom-fitted applicant backpack and shoe closet that is actual acceptable beyond than best peoples’ bedrooms.

*In the absorption of advice fairness: Your Mama and The Dr. Cooter additionally accept a mortgage on our home. So what? So do best people.

If you fabricated it this far…Thank you actual much.

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