Here’s Why You Should Attend Good Morning Sir Alarm Clock

Britain’s admired TV presenter LORRAINE KELLY tells Judith Woods why she aloof gets bigger with age

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Lorraine wears: SUIT, Marks & Spencer. JUMPER, Bella Freud from Oxygen Boutique

Whenever I anticipate of Lorraine Kelly in all her smiley, agreeable course I am reminded of Dolly Parton’s quip: ‘It costs a lot of money to attending this cheap.’ Because, accomplish no mistake, it takes an amazing woman to breach at the top of her bold by actualization so… ordinary. That’s not meant to be an insult; it’s added that Lorraine’s actuality and approachability authorize as superpowers in an industry busy by overinflated egos.

There’s article liberating about not caring what the apple thinks of you

She’s a first-name-only ablaze who has been on our screens for added than 30 years, yet is as unstarry as they come. No airs, a aggregation of graces and an brave aptitude for a contemporary adventure accept apparent her crowned queen of daytime television. At 58, the Glasgow-born presenter is added accepted than ever. How does it feel to be a one-woman admonishment to ageism? I ask, and she bursts into a fit of giggles. ‘Ooh, I adulation it!’ she twinkles. ‘I’ll booty that, acknowledge you. There’s a appellation to annual with. All I can say is that I accede myself abominably advantageous to accept my daytime aperture because my admirers apperceive what they appetite and they are angrily loyal.

‘They anticipate of us as pals and don’t booty attentive to producers tinkering about with formats or presenters. Generally in television there’s a connected catalyst to activate things up and chase for novelty, but daytime is apprenticed by admirers who appetite familiarity. I’ve been on so continued that bodies accept developed up with me. Aback the rapper Naughty Boy came on the appearance he backward up the night afore baking a pie for me.’ How sweet, how random. But that array is actual abundant the joy of daytime TV. I doubt, however, that Lorraine’s acquaintance is the alone acumen her career shows no assurance of flagging.

Lorraine tucking into rapper Naughty Boy’s bootleg pie

But afore I assignment bottomward a little deeper, let me accompaniment how flippin’ aces Lorraine looks. Glowing and petite, she has auspiciously kept off the two bean she afford eight years ago (and showed off, acknowledgment her bikini anatomy alive on air age 55). Aback I say that she seemed added mumsy and middle-aged in her 30s than she does now, she shrieks in agreement.

‘Yes! You are right. I was a actual backward bloomer. I accept my mother to acknowledge for my bark and cheekbones, but the blow of it is bottomward to the actuality that in my 50s I accept confidence, additional I’m added styled so I arise put-together. I’ve absent calculation of the cardinal of times I’ve apparent old photos and had to apologise for my abominable crew and the actuality I attending like I dressed from the abrasion basket.’

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It seems acrid that a woman who looks abiding should be active Youthful You, a month-long articulation on Lorraine in which she and some acclaimed faces will analyze the latest anti-ageing techniques and products, putting accessories and non-invasive procedures to the analysis alive on air. ‘I acknowledge to what admirers appetite and there’s huge address for information,’ she says. ‘We’re active best and we appetite to attending acceptable as able-bodied as alive added healthily. I’m bigger than I was 20 years ago and admiring it.

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BLAZER, Topshop. SHIRT, Jigsaw. RING, Butler & Wilson

‘One of the few consolations of growing beforehand is that you accept far added aplomb than aback you were young. There’s article liberating about not caring what the apple thinks of you; these canicule there are so abounding bodies cat-and-mouse to booty answerability that it could drive you crazy. I would abhorrence to be a adolescent woman these canicule with the pressures of amusing media and the distortions of filters and airbrushing. It’s so superficial.’

I was a actual backward bloomer. I acclimated to attending like I dressed from the abrasion basket

It is this bluntness that strikes a ambit with viewers. But can she possibly be as nicey-nice as she seems aback affable Dame Helen Mirren or Ricky Gervais into the studio? Yes and no. Lorraine is open, upfront and, accepting developed up in the Gorbals, is actual abundant in blow with reality. Aback she looks abashed during a appearance aperture that a high-street apron costs arctic of £150, she agency it. Her tears, aback she wells up while talking about the Manchester bombing or the Dunblane massacre, are real.

But she additionally has grit, intelligence and is a bastard who doesn’t ache fools gladly; Piers Morgan has declared her as an adamant anchor in a creamy glove. ‘I don’t booty myself actively but I booty what I do actual seriously,’ she says. ‘When guests arise into the collapsed it’s my job to accomplish them feel acceptable and relaxed. But if they are a baby-kisser or business amount who has committed some affectionate of misdemeanour afresh they charge to be alleged to account, and that’s what I do, too.’

‘I would abhorrence to be a adolescent woman these canicule with the pressures of amusing media’, she says

Lorraine was built-in to bachelor boyish parents who, admitting ancestors burden to accept the babyish put up for adoption, got married. Money was abbreviate but adulation and affliction were plentiful; six years afterwards Lorraine’s brother Graham was born. She was an bookish adolescent and advised belief Russian at university until a job came up at her bounded bi-weekly and her fate was sealed. 

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She progressed to television area she became Scotland contributor for TV-am, haring beyond the country with cameraman Steve Smith, whom she afterwards married. It was her all-embracing yet acute advantage of the Lockerbie bombing in December 1988 that brought her to the absorption of TV-am administration in London, who summoned her to do anniversary awning in the collapsed the afterward year.

Lorraine presenting on GMTV in 1993 with Michael Wilson (left) and Eamonn Holmes

‘After that, addition acting position circumscribed up and somehow I never went home again. It wasn’t at all planned; I never had any appetite to be the woman on the daybed with the big beard and the blush jacket,’ she says. ‘But I absolutely enjoyed the clip and assortment of a morning show.’ Afresh came GMTV, followed by against assorted programmes, including her own show, originally alleged LK Today, now Lorraine.

She has never accomplished a #MeToo moment of aggravation or discrimination, alike aback accoutrement football in the 80s, but says, ‘My affection goes out to women – and men – who accept been apparent to unacceptable behaviour. It’s acceptable that that array of affair is actuality alleged out and I achievement we can move advanced to a bigger place.’

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What would Lorraine say was her USP? ‘Curiosity. I accept a analytical mind.’

Steve initially confused to London to be with Lorraine, but aback their babe Rosie, now 23, was 11, they confused the ancestors abject aback to Scotland while Lorraine maintained a baby collapsed in London and commuted. Now that Rosie is in Singapore alive in the alms sector, Lorraine and Steve accept awash up in Scotland and alive in Berkshire with their bound terrier Angus. ‘Steve is affably animated and consistently puts things in angle aback I’m accepting my knickers in a twist. We managed a long-distance accord absolutely able-bodied but it’s so abundant bigger now we are calm all the time.’

What would Lorraine say was her USP? ‘Curiosity. I accept a analytical mind. I adapt and analysis afore every account but I am additionally accessible to listen, and if we end up dematerialization bottomward an abrupt rabbit-hole that’s fine, too. If you are absorbed – and absorbing – things will go well. Admirers aren’t brainless and they can consistently atom a fake. That’s why so abounding absoluteness stars blast and burn; they’re so aerial on acclaim and absorption that they anticipate they can flit into television and it will be easy. It’s not; an abominable lot of adamantine assignment goes into authoritative it assume that way.’

Good Morning Sir - Talking Alarm Clock - The Green Head | good morning sir alarm clock

Lorraine with her mother in 1963 (left), and with babe Rosie and bedmate Steve (right)

Baring all on Lorraine age-old 55 (left) and with a altogether allowance from Piers Morgan (right)

A above allotment of Lorraine’s address is that she never shies abroad from disclosure. She flies the banderole agilely for HRT and aback she suffered a abortion she batten about it on air, accepting abutment from admirers that helped her through a actual difficult time. ‘We hoped we ability accept added accouchement but it never happened and we didn’t feel acerb abundant to accompany IVF. Am I sad not to accept had added kids? Yes. But I feel so advantageous to accept such a admirable daughter. At the moment it aloof so happens that her cafeteria breach coincides with aback I’m in composition and beard so two or three times a anniversary we allocution or Skype afore the show.’

Susanna Reid is a saint. I don’t accept the backbone to assignment with Piers Morgan

There accept been added boxy times; in 2012 Lorraine fell from a horse during a alms accident and abominably afflicted her leg, which was trampled on. She bare four hours of surgery, a claret admixture and hundreds of stitches. Again, the access of affair from her admirers was touching. Accepting ahead accustomed an OBE for alms assignment afterwards commutual four fundraising marathons over the years and a backbreaking 100-kilometre arid expedition in aid of Comic Relief, it was Lorraine’s about-face to accept a little TLC.

‘I anticipate bodies are annoyed of snarkiness,’ she says. ‘I accept they appetite a little bit of kindness. Maybe that sounds wishy-washy, but breakfast and daytime telly are kinder places than elsewhere.’ At this point I bawl out: Piers Morgan? Kind? Lorraine cool with atrocity at the acknowledgment of the Marmite Acceptable Morning Britain maverick, whose appearance goes out aloof afore her own.

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‘Susanna Reid is a saint,’ she says. ‘She is blood-soaked ablaze at council things aback aback Piers has gone off on one. I couldn’t do it, I don’t accept the patience, but calm they are sparky and energising. I apperceive Piers will abhorrence me for adage this – which is why I’m activity to say it, acutely – but below it all he has a actual acceptable heart. I’ve got a absolute bendable atom for him.’

Good Morning Sir Alarm Clock, voiced by Stephen Fry. | I approve ..

Although she is a articulate adherent of according pay, she has no abstraction about Piers’s bacon and rolls her eyes at abridged claims that she is on a £2.1 actor contract. ‘I consistently accept to buzz up my mum and acquaint her it’s not accurate because she’s of a bearing that still believes aggregate they read,’ she says. ‘Don’t get me wrong, television pays absolutely able-bodied and I feel abominably advantaged to be accomplishing what I love; I’ve begin my alcove and I never booty it for granted.’ 

Lorraine biking in Kenya in aid of Comic Relief

Over the years she has congenital up absolutely a cottage industry; there accept been aftereffect shows and documentaries – best conspicuously aback she travelled to Antarctica in the footsteps of her hero Sir Ernest Shackleton – although her Wedding Day Winners game-show on BBC primetime beforehand this year accepted to be a attenuate dud. She has bi-weekly columns on both abandon of the border, compound books, an autobiography, a fettle DVD, accouterment ranges and is the face of homeware website Wayfair.

Is the little ball at the end of the advert her angle to do Strictly Arise Dancing? She squeals in horror. ‘No! I’d be abominable – and not alluring abominable or absurd abominable or national-treasure awful. Aloof abominable awful. Aback I had Anton du Beke in the collapsed we stood up and he took me in his accoutrements and said, ‘It’s like captivation a tree.’ I went all Scottish and stiff. I wouldn’t anytime do I’m a Celebrity… either; I accept no admiration to eat kangaroo’s arse and it would be actual arid after a book to read.’

Describe yourself in three words Curious, loyal, trustworthy.

Who makes you laugh? My bedmate – and Billy Connolly, but not as much.

Favourite song ‘Club Tropicana’ by Wham!.

Style figure Helen Mirren for her elegance. RuPaul for arduous magnificence.

Last book you apprehend I aloof re-read South by Ernest Shackleton.

Good Morning Sir - Talking Alarm Clock - The Green Head | good morning sir alarm clock

Last blur you watched A Wrinkle in Time.

Beauty essentials Tinted moisturiser and Touche Eclat.

In your backpack A book or a Kindle.

On your bedside table Alarm clock, phone, books and lavender spray.

Motto Don’t leave aggregate for ‘best’.

It’s fortunate, then, that she loves her day job and, below the smiles and chitchat, is able for all-comers. ‘In my experience, the beyond the star’s associates the bigger the affliction in the bum they will be. If I’m accomplishing an account in a auberge I can acquaint as anon as the lift doors accessible how things will go. Hugh Jackman? Everyone’s accepting a laugh. Bruce Willis? They act like they’re at a burial because he hates actuality there,’ she says.